Wooden Tea Box 12 Compartments - 144 Assorted Tea Bags

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Black Tea, Green Tea, Strawberry Tea, Raspberry Tea, Orange Tea, Peach Tea, Fennel Tea, Cardamom Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Blackcurrant Tea, Jasmine Tea, Thyme, Lemon Tea, Black Tea With Thyme, Green Tea With Thyme, Vanilla Tea, Mint Tea, Peppermint Tea, Lemon Green Tea, Camomile, Moroccan Tea, Ginger & Lemon Tea, Pomegranate Tea, Ginger Lemon & Honey


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Alokozay 123
Wooden Tea Box 12 Compartments - 144 Assorted Tea Bags
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All your favourite flavours packed in a single box. Be it the tanginess of our Orange Tea, the gentle flavour of bergamot lavender from our Earl Grey Tea, or even the rich aroma and taste of our famous Black Tea, we have a flavour for your every mood.

Different Alokozay Flavour Tea Bag in 12 compartment Wooden Box

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